pregnancy probility test

The Offical Online Pregnancy Probability Test Online

The Pregnancy Probability Test ( is your free tool online to help you determine your risk factor for being pregnant.
What this is: a weighted calculation to determine risk or probability of a pregnancy condition based on your honest and accurate input.
What this is not: this is not to replace a urine-based pregnancy test. If this is what you are looking for, please use this link to move to Find Pregnancy Help Near You.

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Your (PRN) Pregnancy Probability Results Number!

See the number in the last field.
That number is your Pregnancy Probability Number.
1-9 Not likely
10-15 Most likely
16+ Very likely

The Pregnancy Probability Test ( is not meant to replace true pregnancy testing in the privacy of your home or doctors office. Our recommendation is that if you think you may be pregnant, that you should consider making an appointment with a Pregnancy Resource Center nearest you. You may also want to calculate the date of your pregnancy using our free Pregnancy Calculator to measure your due date.

What if your PRN NUMBER is low?

This means you are not likely pregnant. However, if you are using unsafe sex practices, you may be at future risk. To learn more about abstinence, visit: 10 Good Reasons to save sex until marriage

If you have had an abortion or lost a child to miscarriage previously, you may be interested in our free online recovery course, My Healing Choice for Women

About the Pregnancy Probability Test: this online Calculator was created in 1999 as the first such test online. This test has been revised five times and today provides instant results. This page has been visited 848,829 this past year.