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This Pregnancy Test is free!
Also, this Test is online, available day or night!
Discover how this Test weighs your sexual date over your women’s calendar comparing it to the Julian Calendar and validated by the published failure rate of known birth control options. The result: it will show you an instant “PROBABILITY NUMBER.” Confirm the date of your pregnancy to birth time by using our handy Pregnancy Calculator

What this test is not

This website does not offer a urine-based test, commonly used for pregnancy testing. Such tests have a high failure rate and depend upon the first-morning urine to most effective. Unless you have urinated in the middle of the night, first-morning urine should exhibit a higher concentration of the pregnancy hormone, hCG. This means you can get an accurate result sooner than with other samples collected during the day or evening

Resources for pregnancy testing

You can find free pregnancy testing support at one of the thousands of non-profit pregnancy centers scattered throughout the United States and Canada.
Learn more about how to have a successful pregnancy test. 10 SIMPLE STEPS TO ACCURATE URINE TESTING

About the Pregnancy Probability Test: this online Calculator was created in 1999 as the first such test online. This test has been revised five times and today providers instant results. This test has been used by over 3.6 million women thus far.

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